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UN Reveals Who Has More Powerful Weapons M23 Rebels And Joint Government Solders

A dossier on the situation in the DRC and the degree of armament held by the various actors was presented at a United Nations meeting in New York, according to a report by The Nation, which the KDF is assisting in the effort to keep DRC safe.

The M23 rebels, an acronym for the March 23 movement, are reportedly better equipped than the DRC military, the KDF, and other armed forces put together.

The east African giant Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is now participating in the MONUSCO peacekeeping mission in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to add its voice to the ongoing conflict in the mineral-rich but war-prone country.

The discoveries followed a unanimous resolution by the United Nations security council meeting in New York to let the DRC government to purchase arms at France's request.

The DRC had previously been forbidden from ever purchasing guns, and it was said that the rebels were better armed because Kinshasa was unable to acquire the vital weapons required to defeat the M23.

"Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, decides that the notification requirements set out in paragraph 5 of the resolution 1807 (2008) shall no longer apply," the resolution of the UN stated

The UN resolution declared that according to Acting Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, decides that the notice obligations set forth in paragraph 5 of the resolution 1807 (2008) shall no longer apply."

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