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Kenya Vs Tanzania Military Power

Kenya's capital city is Nairobi while Tanzania's capital city is Dodoma. The two countries are neighbors situated in the Eastern part of Africa. There have been interests from different people to compare the Military Power of the two countries. Kenya has a Total personnel of 24150, 76 combat tanks, 479 AFV, 30 self propelled artillery and 25 towed artillery. On the other side Tanzania has a total personnel of 110000, 156 combat tanks, 10 AFV, 0 self propelled artillery and 12 towed artillery. On the side of Air Force Kenya's air strength is 150, 17 fighter aircrafts, 32 trainer aircrafts, 20 transport aircrafts and 76 helicopters. Tanzania air strength is 34, 14 fighter aircrafts, 8 trainer aircrafts, 6 transport aircrafts and 6 helicopters. On the Navy's side, Kenya has 7 patrol craft and 22 merchant Marines while Tanzania has 10 patrol craft and 329 merchant Marines. Kenya's Defense Budget is estimated at $121000000 to while Tanzania defense budget is estimated at $223000000.

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