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Forget Recce Squad, Meet 5 Little-known Lethal Special Units Within the Administration Police

The Administration Police is a civilian law enforcement agency and is part of the National Police Service. Many people are unaware that Administration Police has a number of special units, some of which are so clandestine that even some police officers inside the force are unaware of them. Some of their activities are restricted. Below are 5 little known AP special units.

Administration Police Special Force (SOG)

This special unit is within the administration police. Its operations are classified, and not even regular cops are aware of them. According to reports, the group receives specialized training from the United States and Israel. The unit is rumored to be more lethal than GSU's Recce squad. During the terror attack on Riverside, the group astounded many with their artillery and fighting experience. This unit has received the most advanced training in direct action, forcible entrance, and counterterrorism. 

Rapid Deployment Unit. (RDU)

The unit is led by a commanding officer and is normally dispatched to any part of Kenya to respond to any emergency or threat to law and order for a limited time. The unit’s instructors are trained abroad and boast very lethal skills. 

Rural Border Patrol Unit (RBPU)

This unit's mission is to respond to treaties throughout Kenya's rural air internal borders. They also serve as a backup to the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and the General Service Unit in the face of internal and external threats.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU)

This is one of Administration Police's major units, with offices all around the country. The company's headquarters are at Athi River. It was created to protect important infrastructure like electricity lines, fiber optic cables, roadways, and data centers.

Security Of Government Buildings Unit (SGB)

This unit is tasked with providing sercurity to government building and installations.

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