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African President Who Died On The Frontline While Fighting The Rebels In 2021

Check Out This Great African President Who Died On The Frontline While Fighting The Rebels In 2021

Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent, after Asia in both cases. At about 30.3 million km² including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20% of its land area. With 1.4 billion people as of 2021, it accounts for about 18% of the world's human population. 

It is well known because of her able leaders who have always fought hard to liberate their people from the yoke of suffering and miseries. In a different scenario, some African leaders ended up dying but their legacy keeps on being alive and well with the people. Among them is Idris derby, the strongman leader of Chad.

He was a Chadian politician and military officer who was the president of Chad from 1990 until he died in 2021. Déby was a member of the Bidayat clan of the Zaghawa ethnic group.

The president was killed while visiting troops on the frontline. The 68-year-old president sustained injuries while commanding troops fighting a rebel incursion heading for the capital N’Djamena. s Déby, one of Africa’s longest-serving rulers, had extended his 30 years in power by winning a sixth term in elections.

 His death lead to great implications not just for the impoverished yet oil-rich central African country, but across the region, where Chad is central to the fight against Boko Haram and other jihadist groups including those linked to Isis and al-Qaeda that operate across the Sahel. Déby was a key ally for France and the US. His son was appointed as interim head of state after the incident which potentially left a power vacuum by that time.

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