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Opinion: Why Israel Will Never Be Defeated By Any Country In War

Israel lies on the north coast of the Red Sea and the south coast of the Mediterranean. In terms of modern technology, Israel is one of the most advanced countries in West Asia. In this article, I am going to discuss two basic reasons why Israel would never be defeated in a war.

 1. A well trained land and naval force   The Israeli air force, the Israeli ground forces and the Israeli navy make up the IDF. All of these groups are armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art military equipment to help them in the event of a conflict.  Israeli Ground Forces  This branch of the Israel Defense Forces was established 73 years ago and has been inactive service ever since. In addition to the 133,000 active soldiers, there are around 350,000 soldiers in reserve who use a wide range of domestically manufactured military equipment.

The Iron Dome, Merkava and Trophy active protection systems for vehicles are among the best ground weapon systems in Israel.   For more information on Iron Dome, see the video link below. Israeli Air Force Established on May 28, 1948, its main mission is to protect the country's airspace from illegal activities. that were obtained from abroad.  

Israel's Navy  

The Red Sea and the Mediterranean are its main areas of operation. Advanced war equipment such as rocket ships, Sa'ar 6 and several submarines such as the Dolphin-class is also available to you, which is maintained by a close military association. Together with the laser and arrow defence systems

2. The United States of America's support the Israel Army

Due to their shared purpose in combating Jihadism, Israel and the United States receive a great deal of financial and military aid from each other. In addition, the IDF and the United States maintain a close military partnership. Together, they created the laser and arrow defence systems.


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