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The Only East African Air Force Operating this Fighter Jet

Among all the East African countries, we have none with sufficient resources and man power to manufacture their aircrafts. This means all planes used for commercial and military activities in these countries are boight from developed countries like China, United Kingdom, United States and Russia. Purchasing an aircraft though, especially military jets is not as easy as traveling abroad and coming back with a bale of clothes. It entails lots of paperwork, a good relationship, and or trust between the seller and buyer.

Uganda is among the East African countries that relates well with the non-western Republic.The Ugandan and the Russian governments demonstrate a proper bilateral relationship through constant involvement in multi-billion business transactions, involving military equipment. It earned Russia's trust, making it easy for the former USSR's headquarter to approve its request to buy SU-30 fighter jets in 2010. By 2012, uganda had received all the ten jets making it the pioneer and exclusive owner/operator of the aircraft in East Africa.

Sukhoi SU-30 can efficiently collect intelligence data, intercept aerial bombers, deliver devastating bombs and or launch various missiles, hence the name 'multirole. This aluminum bird positioned the Ugandan air force among the most formidable aerial troops in the region. Two potent turbofans engines power the jet, pushing its 17 tons mass to over 2,121 km/h when at 17.7 km above sea level. The modern navigation and firing systems are controlled by two pilots seating in tandem, guaranteeing 100% mission success. A 30 mm machine gun and various air-air, air-ground and anti-ship missiles are the plane's primary armaments. Show support by following this channel, liking, commenting, and sharing widely.

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