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Three Countries That Could Support Russia Incase Of World War Three.

After attacking Ukraine, Russia has shown her capabilities of doing anything under their current leader who is Putin. United States of America joining hands with Ukrainians in order to protect them from Russia this could lead to an outburst of world war three.

Today I would like to give you a list of countries that could support Russia in case world war three could outbreak and the reason they could support the country.

In the list we have republic of China, the country has a very good relationship with Russia and they has always been together to see the down fall of United States of America.

At number two there is north Korea, the country has always insulted united States of America and they have always shown their support to Russia even after the country attacked Ukraine. Remember, North Korea has nuclear weapons which United States was enable to control.

At number three there is South Africa, even though the country is not that much support, it is one if the country which can fully support Russia in case of an outburst of a war between them and the United States of America.

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