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'See 3 Things Al-shabaab Militia Group Do To Soldiers When They Capture Them (Photos)

Read and see photos below:

Being kidnapped by the enemy as a soldier may prove to be a negative omen due to the treatment you may receive from the terrorists. Terrorists from the Al-Shabaab group have a history of kidnapping civilians and training security agents.

Based on previous news reports, we'll look at what these terrorists would do to a soldier if they captured him.

Below are the things the Al-shabaab terrorists do to the soldiers when they capture them:

1. Force them to accept defeat

Terrorists may force soldiers to say a few words on film for their own propaganda purposes, demonstrating to the world that they have defeated the army.

2. Demand ransom 

If a trained government fighter is kidnapped, the jihadist group may demand money from the victim's relatives or the government itself.

3. Assassinate them 

Sadly, some soldiers are killed by the militia.

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