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3 Most Powerful Women Army In The World

Isreal Army

Israeli female soldiers are regarded as the most powerful female soldiers in the world. In Israel, every citizen has to undergo military training, and this measure as made the country to be among the toughest nations in the world. The number of soldiers is close to 1.5 million.

Russian Army

Russia's female soldiers are known as one of the toughest forces in the world. Currently, the country has more nuclear weapons than any other nation on earth and also has many lethal and large military weapons. Russian women's army is vary famous across the world for its strength and beauty. The country has over a million active troops

US Army

United States is considered as the most powerful country on earth both economically and in terms of military strength. US spends more money on military than any other country. US formed Mahila army force in 1942 after which women soldiers carried out several major operations. Mahila is one of the toughest women army's in the world. 

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