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Most Dangerous Boarder In The World

Korea Demilitarized zone

Korean demilitarized zone is a strip of land that runs across the Korean peninsula. The strip is near the 38th parallel north. This zone divides the peninsula into half. This strange zone was made to act as a buffer zone between the two warring states of north Korea and south Korea. 

The demilitarized zone was formed under the Korean armistice agreement that was made in 1953 between china, North and South Korea and United Nations. This unique boarder is 250 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. Over the years, it has been considered as the most dangerous boarder in the world. The two nations made a peace agreement but they have never recognized each other. There are armed forces from both sides and it's against the agreement for anyone to cross here. One is shot in spot of seen around or close to the DMZ. Many people have died here over the years. North Korea and south Korea have not been in peaceful terms for many years. The DMZ was created to avoid any boarder conflict but there's conflict between the two States up to date. 

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