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Why This Navy Is The Second Biggest Airforce In The World.

The United States Air Force is the biggest Airforce in the world boasting of the largest fleet in fighting planes as well as personnel and budget to back it up. Surprisingly, the second biggest Airforce in the world you would think would be an Airforce but that is not the case.

The Lockheed fighter jet. Picture courtesy.

The US Navy, is actually the second biggest Airforce operating the skies above us. This is because, they have some of the most deadly artillery known to man and you would be surprised to learn that their planes almost match the US Airforce.

The Navy boasts of more than 4300 aircrafts that can fight in any war and with the ships to ferry them anywhere in the world for deployment, they mean business. The US Airforce has just over 5000 aircrafts and this does not even include the ICBMS (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile).

The US Navy operates the famous Marine Corps which has some of the best soldiers in the world and this department of the Navy is the one with most manned aircrafts. Here are some of the Navy's planes.

Aircraft carrier. Picture courtesy.

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