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Terrorist Attack In Mandera Leaves Several Injured And Buses Burnt

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It is yet another sad moment for Kenya following the recent terror attacks in Mandera North. Over the recent past, terrorists have been targeting some key regions across the country, especially the northern part that borders Somalia.

According to reports by Nation News, one of the main reasons as to why the Al-Shabaab terror group has continued to launch their attacks on the Kenyan soil is because of the presence of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) that has been in their country for nearly ten years. The militia group has been sending warnings to Kenyan government to withdraw their troops from Somalia.

The government of Kenya dispatched the security team in Somalia to maintain law and order in the country particularly because the nation has known less peace for a long time and thereby rendering many of the of their citizens homeless. Somalians in return run to Kenya to seek refuge. Somalian top government officials have been targeted by the rogue militia group that has been disrupting peace not only in Somalia but also in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

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As per reports by Nation News, today the terror group launched an attack in Mandera North leaving several officers with injuries and two buses burnt. The incident has also been confirmed by Banisa Police boss Shivogo. The news media house updated the public about the sad incident through their official Facebook page as follows:

“Suspected terrorists attack 2 buses in Mandera North, several security officers injured, Banisa police boss Khamasi Shivogo confirms,” Nation posted.

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The horrendous incident has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans with the majority of people blaming the police for putting much focus on people wearing face masks to curb the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and neglecting their duty of safeguarding Kenyans. Below are some of the reactions from social media users:

Let us hope for the best and pray for the affected families in the recent terrorist attack.

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