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Top 5 Best Air Defense Systems in The World

Most of the countries in the world with powerful armies are currently trying their best to develop lethal air defense systems due to the increased production of lethal and deadly missiles and fifth generation jets, here are the current top 5 best air defense systems in the world;

1. S500

With no doubt this is currently the best air defense system in the world, it was developed by Russia and it has already been deployed in Moscow, the system has the capability of destroying setlites, it is said to be another generation air defense system.

2. S400

This system has already been deployed in active wars such as in Syria and proved to be very lethal, it has a capability of intercepting missiles and shooting down fighter jets which are 100s of kilometers.


This is USA's best air defense system at the moment, though it has not yet been active war it is believed to be very lethal against ballistic missiles in a range of within 200 km.

4. S300

Despite being quite old it is still lethal, most of the fourth generation fighter jets stand no chance against it.

5. Patriot

This is another USA's frontline air defense system, it is currently being used in Saudi Arabia, the only problem with it is that it only covers a 180 angle instead of 360.

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