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The KCSE Academic Requirements for Joining The KDF Cadet Progam

Cadet program is a special initiative within the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) aimed at recruiting and training officers who later become senior military officers. It begins with making advertisement in the local dailies for eligible youths to turn up for the process.

The army sends its personnel who get stationed in every part of the country ready for this task. Many requirements are placed on the interested youths; one of them is academic qualification.

To become a cadet, a person has to have excelled in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). KDF requires a minimum of grade B and above to recruit a cadet.

How Long The Training Takes

Cadet training is done at the Kenya Military Academy (KMA) barrakc located in Lanet town, Nakuru county. Here, the recruited officers spend the rest 3 years of their lvies as they are trained to be soldiers and future leaders.

Upon completing the course, they graduate (passout) and get deployed to various military stations within the country to offer their services.

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