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Huruma Tupu" The 3 Convicted Terrorist Left Many Wondering As They Were Caught In Funny Clothes

Three convicted Terrorists were arrested today in Kitui county as they were planning to escape to Somalia.

This was a great job for the people of Kitui as they were very attentive and this led them to catch the three convicted terrorists who were the most wanted people in Kenya and the reward was 60 million shillings if you spot them.

However, the three men have left Kenyans talking about them on social media pages. Many have commented that the men were so dirty and seem to be so innocent.

Also, they wear dirty and wearing funny clothes which were already worn out. The two also have not eaten for a couple of days since they escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Since that incident, it has led to big tension in Kenya. The Officer in charge of All prisons in Kenya was arrested.

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