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(Photos) Houthi Military Spokesman Reveals The Missiles Used To Attack The United Arab Emirates.

Yesterday, the Houthis attacked the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using drones and ballistic missiles. The attack set off fuel trucks explosions that killed three people and caused a huge fire near the Abu Dhabi airport, capital of the region's commercial and tourism hub.

Today, Yahya Saree the military spokesman of the Houthi movement revealed the exact type of missiles that were used in this deadly and complex attack. This is according to a social media post that read, "The missiles that were used in the attack on UAE were Quds-2 cruise missiles that targeted the oil refinery in Mussafah. The Zolfaghar ballistic missile targeted Abu Dhabi airport. On the other hand the samad-3 drones targeted a number of sensitive and important targets."

The Quds-2 cruise missile is a development of the Quds-1 in that it uses a more fuel efficient engine.

Quds-1 missile. (Source: courtesy.)

The Zolfaghar missile is an Iranian road-mobile, single-stage, solid-propelled SRBM named after the sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib Zolfaghar.

Zolfaghar ballistic missile. (Source: courtesy.)

The samad-3 is a drone with a conformal fuel tank mounted on the top of the drone to offer an extended operational range.

Samad-3 drone. (Source: courtesy.)

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