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5 Deadly Weapons Owned By Israel

Israel is an influential nation because it possesses one of the most sophisticated military weapons found anywhere in the world. I will discuss with you today five lethal weapons that the Israel Defense Forces utilize.

1.F-151 Thunder

Since the 1970s, Israel's air force has relied on the F-51; the country has since improved the technology that produces the fighter jet, and highly trained pilots fly. This is undoubtedly one of the most advanced jet fighters in all Middle Eastern nations.

2. Jericho III

This ballistic missile is the most cutting-edge technology available in the Middle East. The missile has the capability of striking targets in Asia, as well as Europe and North America.

3. Dolphins

This is a submarine that is used for patrolling the coastline of Israel. Additionally, it is used to transport soldiers to coastlines that are hostile to them.

4. Israel Soldiers

Israel maintains a military force of more than one million active soldiers. Every single soldier is thoroughly trained to operate every piece of military hardware.

5. Merkava

These are tankers that the Israel Defense Forces utilized to infiltrate enemy territory. The tankers have excellent designs that consider the conflict.

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