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Inside The Intense Training That Snipers Undergo and Their Requirements (Photos)

Snipers are part of special units in the army. The unit is usually deployed in groups of six. But their training is characterized by great accuracy and simplicity. It involves learning a lot of mathematical concepts, physics and geography.

To be considered one on that team, one must be a quick thinker, able to implement and execute duties very rapidly. The training period is short, maximum three months, and everything has to be understood. A soldier is phased out if they fail to understand the concepts involved.

They go through the same physical training as the rest of the KDF recruits which includes going to the gym and sometimes learning some basics about martial arts and self defense skills.

An ideal team in a unit of six special troops consists of a sniper and a spotter. Having a two- man team is more advantageous in the field because the spotter, as the name suggests, carries his own scope which is powerful and easily identifies the enemy which helps the sniper to eradicate.

Both work closely with the main creature to achieve their objective as safely and judiciously as possible.

These special soldiers are trained on the use of maps or photographs. This is to help them determine the best route for the purpose. In this line of training, they are taught how to chase an enemy from the drop- off point to the objective.

They are also trained to set positions. This is important in verifying that the position is well hidden. This enables them to establish an escape route and another well- hidden fallback position.

Another training also involves target detection. This is where geography comes in to learning directions and maps.

In the field, they work together to range the target, read the wind and angle and adjust for other variables that can affect the shot.

Another training they take is to take shots without missing and then clear the area immediately. How accurate is this training?

Once the shot is taken, the spotter is taught how to spot the shot so that it can help re- adjust his target or adjust his position in case he is likely to miss his target. Can you

The spotter is also trained to track the shot by observing that vapor trail.

The most important job of a spotter is to protect the shooter and the team. For this task, the spotter carries an automatic rifle ob his shoulder.

In most cases, the sniper is trained to be the leader of the special unit. He coordinates with the command to put the mission together. the sniper has the last word in determining the route, position, rendezvous and escape route.

This plus other pieces of training makes a sniper team such a special unit in the KDF.

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