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Uganda Police Speak After The Attacks That Took Place

Uganda is a country that has been known for its vast culture since it's history was documented in several movies and books. It sits on the East of it's closest neighbour Kenya and both countries have co-existed.

And like Kenya Ugandans have been blessed to have one of the longest serving president from 1986 to date.

Lemme explain the reason as to why Uganda is in a panic state in the past 72 hours, according to several journalist report. Several bomb attacks have rocked Uganda and in the process several civilians have been killed while others are believed to be in serious condition.

First Attack As Reported:

This attack happened moments after an alleged warning from the United Kingdom that the Ugandan security team ignored.

Explosion in Kyanja komamboga area. Reports indicate one lady has died as she was being rushed to hospital and two other people are injured. Security yet to establish the nature of device that exploded.

Second Attack As Reported:

Moments after citizens of Uganda received shocking news on there various media houses. Another incident has left travellers trembling in fear after an explosive device was discovered in one of the bus belonging to Swift bus company.

After a statement was issued by the Ugandan president. The Ugandan police spokes person has guaranteed the offenders a tough lesson and said the following.

“I pity those who think they can defeat Bachwezi… Uganda is a nation of descendants from Bachwezi, those who are throwing small bombs around will learn a tough lesson,” he started.

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