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Why Millitary Officers are Treated in a Millitary Hospital but Not Ordinary Ones

The millitary officers comprise the defense forces of a country. In Kenya, the Kenya defense forces is made up of the Kenya navy, Kenya air force and the Kenya army.

The defense forces are responsible for protecting the country's sovereignty and the territorial integrity by providing the necessary security.

Photo courtesy showing millitary doctors in action.

But did you know that millitary officers are only treated in millitary hospitals and only by millitary doctors? However, in the united kingdom millitary officers are treated in a special private wing of the public hospital. Below are the reasons for this.

To protect them from the enemies. According to a revelation by the daily nation, enemies may follow the officers to the public facilities incase they learn about it.

Battle field injuries are not ordinary ones. The injuries officers sustain in the battle field and thus needs specialized care to meet the of the defense patient.

To protect them from the public. Due to the nature of their work, millitary officers are not supposed to interact freely with members of the public.

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