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What Surviving Freedom Fighters Were Given Today During Mashujaa Day Celebration

Today has actually been a very nice day as Kenyans had a chance to recognize the efforts put in by freedom fighters during colonial times. According to one of the sources, it has been revealed that the surviving freedom fighters who are still alive were given great honor during Mashujaa Day celebration.

This happens as details reveal that the freedom fighters who are alive or wives to some of the freedom fighters were invited for the ceremony. To mark them as special people, they were given hold painted medals to mark them as special people during today's special celebration.

Besides the medals, they were also given Kenyan flags with they held in their hands during the celebration. The country has continued honouring them and their families for the special thing they did for Kenyans. It is quite good for the state to normalize inviting such people during such ceremonies as a sign of appreciation.

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