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India Marks 'The Black Day' 74 Years Later

To commemorate 74 years after the atrocities of Pakistan against India, it has now been established that the people from the region are still living with the shadows of the 947 attack right with them. They fear Pakistan following the atrocities done on them.

The 22nd of October is an annual day that is marked with a lot of pain. The day is also used to condemn Pakistan for promoting terror and violence in the valley. The 'Black Day ' is very significant for the people of India.

On October 22 in 1947 Pakistan entered the valley illegally. They brought down many towns, raped women, squandered properties. The harrowing experience is still haunting them to date, generation after the other. It took the intervention of the army to rescue the people. They have then driven away.

As reported by ANI, the massacre was planned and executed by the Pakistan army. It reports that days before the day, extremists were armed and taken in trust to the valley just to execute the horrific act. Those spared were only those who could recite Kalma. 35,000 people were killed.

Many jumped into rivers as the killings were too much. 74 years later, the valley is still grabbling with terrorism.

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