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Components Of Kenya Defence Forces

The Kenya Defence Forces is one of the key security organs as alighted in the kenyan constitution.KDF core mandate is to protect our nation from external aggression. The KDF comprises of three main services,which include Army,Navy and Air Force.

(1) Kenya Army.

The Army is the main key service within the Kenya Defence Forces.Every recruit who joins the KDF has to undergo a full basic army training at Recruit Training School in Eldoret.

The Army is referred to as land troops,it protects our nation from enemies who invent by land.Within the army we have infantry soldiers,Combat engineers,Artillery and many more.

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(2) Kenya Navy.

Kenya Navy usually deals with protection of our national maritime invasion.Enemies inventing our nation through water are dealt with by the kenya navy.The Navy is mostly based at Mombasa and Lamu.They also assist incase of water related disasters.

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(3) Kenya Air force.

The air forces protects our nation from air invasion.They are also in charge of air control, monitoring of any enemy or unauthorized aircraft entering our territory.

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