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Meet Former Kenya Air Force Pilot Who Helped Restore Power in a Countrywide Blackout

The Kenya Defense Forces has three branches which are the Kenya Army, Navy and Air Force which offer the best training that anyone can get in any field.

Major RTD, Alex Koech. Picture courtesy.

Some officers, after retirement from the force, go into other fields for employment where they still excell thanks to the technical skills that they had obtained while still in the KDF.

A Retired Major with the Kenya Air Force by the name of Alex Koech has been working as a pilot with the Kenya Power since his retirement from the force in 2010.

Major (RTD) Alex Koech is in charge of flying Kenya Power Personell to places where electricity has developed faults that need repairing across the country.

Most Memorable Moment

Many Kenyans will recall on the 9th of May in 2020 when a Kenya Power Personell by the name of Patrick Mwau hang from an helicopter to repair a power line.

Picture courtesy. The May 9th repair.

The event that was caught on camera elicited reactions from Kenyans who praised Mwau for his act of bravery in repairing the power lines while hanging from a helicopter.

On that fateful day, there was electricity blackout all over the country that had been caused by the power line that Mwau was repairing.

However, what many didn't know was the man that was operating the helicopter at such an altitude and keeping it steady so that Mwau could accomplish the repairs successfully.

The pilot behind that Kenya Power chopper was none other than Major Retired, Alex Koech of the Kenya Air Force.

"Lifting linesmen when they are doing maintenance on power lines is a difficult maneuver but it’s a crucial duty. Once we get information that there is a fault and we are likely to lose power in the whole country, we immediately fly to repair the fault." Major, RTD, Alex Koech said.

Kenya Air Force. Picture courtesy.

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