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Here is the Only EA Country With The Carl-Gustaf Kill Weapon

All of us can testify that military weapons have grown into unthinkable monsters. It is true when you compare, for example, the little Willie (first tank on earth) and the Turkish Altay Main Battle Tank. (Little Willie, the first tank built in 1915: Pinterest)(Turkish Altay Tank: Pinterest)

There is an enormous gap between these two combat vehicles in terms of everything. Why do you think this is happening? Even at the time of writing, innovation, creation, and modernization are ongoing. The military budgets for developed nations like Russia, North Korea, China, Japan, and the United States surpass the fiscal budgets of some developing countries by far. This prodigious funding is to empower research, innovation, and development of modern devastating weapons. (North Korea's nuclear warhead missiles: Pinterest)

However, countries without weapon production are not left behind. They are also allocating immense sums of money towards modernizing their defense units by procuring advanced weapon systems.

Let’s shift the attention to Kenya and a particular armament within its military. The Kenyan government, through the ministry of defense, always takes matters of security seriously. This can be attributed to several terror incidents, its involvement in the AMISOM peace mission in Somalia, or protect the north-eastern border from Al-Shabaab insurgents. Our Weapon of interest is Carl-Gustaf Recoilless Rifle. (Carl-Gustaf with ammunitions: Wikipedia)(Carl-Gustaf: Wikipedia)

Kenya is the Only East African Country with this Swedish anti-tank rocket. Carl-Gustaf fires the laser-guided munitions at six rounds per minute to an effective range of 2 km. A unit of Gustaf is worth Ksh 2.21 million, whereas its ammunition costs between Ksh 55,250 and Ksh 331,500 per round, depending on the type. (Carl-Gustaf rocket munitions: Wikipedia)

(Soldiers firing Carl-Gustaf: Pinterest)

(Soldiers carrying Carl-Gustaf Recoilless Rifle: Pinterest)

Kenya’s department of defense arm the KDF troops with this anti-tank armament, which helped drive Somali insurgents out of Kismayo. That’s all on Carl-Gustaf. Like, comment, share, and follow this channel. Thank you.

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