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Why Do Israeli Soldiers Use Tavor-21?

Tavor-21 is an Israeli locally manufactured assault weapon,with a selective fire system between semi automatic and full automatic mode.

Why do Isreali military use it?


It's compact design offers manuverability in confined spaces.With it's Bullpup located behind the trigger,there's no wastage of space for the guns buttstock.More so it helps reduce its overall weight.This coupled with reduced weight also provides a small reaction time advantage in raising the firearm to firing position from a download pointed direction.

2) Easy to carry

Tavor weighs about 3.2kgs.Its weight is focused at the rear of the firearm.This promotes ease in carrying it around for long periods without feeling fatigue.This helps the soldier to make more accurate shots.The Tavor actually feels good to shoot from a standing,kneeling,and modified positions without any discomfort. 

3) Reaches the shoulders faster.

This helps the soldier to quickly arm and take shots on his target much more quickly.Its a great choice for close quarter battles where a soldier is in danger.

4) Saves space

Since it's short,it is easier to store in the car and also engaging in urban close quarter warfare,Its shortness also reduces the overall weight by 25%.

5) Can be used by both left and right handed soldiers.

It is much more easier to clean and performs well in adverse conditions.With its water proof features and dust proof it's good for the Isreali terrain.

6) It comes in different varieties

A)Tar-21; standard version intended for multirole infantry,

B) G-Tar 21;uses a grenade launcher,

C)C-Tar 21;for commandos and special forces

D) S-Tar 21;used by snipers.

Lastly,it has eliminated the dependency on foreign countries because it is locally manufactured,it has created jobs and export opportunities.Thank you

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