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4 Furious Israel Weapons Used by Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF)

Israel has distinguished itself as one of the best arms producers because the defense inventories of many nations have at least an Israel-made weapon system. Defense contractors like Israel Military Industries do the hard work of designing, manufacturing, and marketing these ordnances globally. Uganda is among the many countries that rely on Israel's weapon systems to fortify their defenses. The following Ugandan artilleries and firearms were bought from Israel.

iv. Cardom

Soltam Systems manufactured the Cardom heavy recoil mortar system in the early 2000s. The system's versatility has championed its adoption by countries globally, and Uganda is one such nation. It features autonomous technology used for enemy position acquisition and firing. Museveni's armed units use eighteen systems on intricate missions, like the ongoing AMISOM.

iii. Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer System (ATMOS-2000)

Soltam Systems manufactured the ATMOS in 2001. The system's primary armament is a high-caliber gun that fires heavy projectiles, delivering destructive power to anything in their path. It has been the weapon of choice for troops deployed to battlefields in Yemen and Afghanistan. UPDF army has six ATMO Systems.

ii. IMI Galil

The prefix on Galil shows that it's a product of Israel Military Industries (IMI). It is a battle rifle, meaning it uses rounds with full power cartridges and is mightier than rounds used in assault rifles. Galil fires 650 rounds/minute to an effective range of 500 m when zoomed through a telescopic sight. The bullets leave the muzzle at a breakneck speed close to 3420 km/h, thanks to the gas boosted rotating bolt firing action. These attributes compelled the Ugandan department of defense to buy thousands of these firearms for its infantry members.

i. Uzi

Uzi is a compact open bolt gas-driven submachine gun developed by IMI. Its condensed size should never deceive you because its punch has enough power to kill an African elephant in one shot. It fires nine caliber bullets fed through a 50 rounds magazine. This miniature is deadlier than an AK-47, and Ugandan armed forces have lots of them. Let me know your thoughts on these armaments in the comments below. Like and share this article with peers, family, friends, and follow this channel to stay updated.

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