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5 Chinese Weapons Feared by United states of America

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Located in Asia, China is the 2nd Most populated country in the world. It is the 2nd largest economy after the United States and is projected to be growing at a faster rate than its only rival USA.

China in recent years, China has been manufacturing new and advancing the already existing military hardware(arms), software(technology), and personnel. The aggressive nature of China accompanied by their rapid economic progress and political alliances with many countries especially in Africa is seen by the long-time superpower, the United States of America as a threat to their sovereignty and dominance they have always enjoyed.

The Asian country has some of the most sophisticated deadly weapons in the world. According to Global Firepower, an agency that ranks countries based on their military hardware, personnel, and geographical area, China's weapons are of mass destruction.

Check out below the deadliest weapons only found and owned by a Chinese military

5)The Soaring Dragon

The dragon is an aerial drone used for spying and surveillance on potential enemy ground. This machine flies at very high altitudes of about 7km above sea level. It is manufactured by Ghuizou aircraft corporation, an aircraft manufacturing company in China.

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4) Jiadong

The deep-sea weaponized submarine naval equipment was used for surveillance. This weapon is can dive 7.5km below seal level and enjoys high vision underwater.

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3) Zheng - He

This a special ship is known as an aircraft carrier. It has special features like providing safe landing of military aircraft in the sea. It has been placed strategically at the North pacific waters ground where it's disputed. This ship can carry 128 anti-ship and land-attack missiles, 10 helicopters, 15 fighter jets, and 130mm beast cannon

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2) Modernized military Tanks (ZTZ-99A)

The Chinese modernized and most armored attack tank has been made more powerful and has an external and isolated weapon station unlike the others used by different countries. The tank has over 125mm canon which is efficient in attacking other tankers

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1) Thunderstorm Helicopters

According to the manufacturers, this helicopter is the most efficient attack helicopter ever made in the world. This helicopter carries a wide variety of rockets and missiles. It also has a 23mm chain gun firing 680 bullets per minute.

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Source: Global Firepower Ranking (GFR) and Youtube

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