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Forget The Army, Here is The Unit KDF Heavily Depends on to Transport Soldiers

Moving soldiers from point A to point B is not always an easy feat. It involves massive use of resources to accomplish this task.

The Kenya army has a fleet of military vehicles that performs this task. However, when soldiers are to be moved in their large numbers, the option of using vehicles often becomes expensive.

So how do KDF soldiers get to their destination? Well, that is where the Kenya Navy comes in. During deployment of soldiers overseas, they have to carry along their weapons.

Some of these wepons include tanks and other heavy military artillery that cannot be transported by air. The Navy therefore becomes the most perfect option because of their massive war ships built to carry large cargo.

Navy officers are among the most trained soldiers who keep an eye on Kenyan water bodies round the clock. Kenya operates a fleet of Navy ships used by Kenya Navy soldiers.

Between the Navy, Army, and Air Force, which is your favorite and why?

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