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Saddam Hussein Was Hanged To Death 15 Years Ago, See The Man Who Betrayed Him

Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, passed away on December 30, 2006, which was more than 15 years ago. His brutal rule was characterized by expensive and futile wars against neighboring nations.

This happened when he was discovered on December 13, 2003, in a tiny subterranean bunker next to a farmhouse in ad-Dawr.

He was then transferred to a U.S. facility in Baghdad, where he remained up until June 30, 2004, when he was formally turned over to the interim Iraqi government to face charges of crimes against humanity.

Who betrayed him?

According to the BBC, Mohammed Omar Ibrahim al-Musslit, a relative and bodyguard of the former Iraqi leader, was seen with Saddam in the latter's final public appearance. It is believed that he revealed the secret.

Throughout the time of his abduction as he went from one refuge to another, Muslit served as Saddam's "personal bodyguard and companion."

He allegedly continued to contact the Americans through a trusted relative after telling some of his family members about his plans to turn on the deceased Iraqi leader.

Muslit's strategy called for "dosing him to ensure his capture alive, without giving him a chance to fight back or flee," according to the plan.

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