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Who Sponsors Terrorists? A Deep Insight Into Terrorists Operating In Africa

Terrorists do not operate in a vacuum, they operate in a self governing state. Hence they depend on specific people on information, logistics, planing and finance. Questions have been raised, who are these people who support terrorists? What is usually their aim? What do they gain in return? Well, analysts have classified supporters of terrorists as either the State or individual supporters. State Sponsored Terrorism occurs when a state gives support but limited to financial, to a non violent organization which pushes it's national agenda and ideologies. Individual sponsored Terrorism has remained the center of debate since it takes the largest proportion.

The Boko Haram have for instance been operating in northern Nigeria under the leadership of Abubakar Shekau, who was killed a fortnight ago, but reports have indicated that some Powerful Nigerian men have been sponsoring the organization.

A state that has for instance declared itself a religious state by law can sponsor any organization that is seen as to protect their interests. A perfect example is Iran, when in 1979 held the longest diplomatic standstill in history with the United States of America over the Hostage crisis. Iran was on a course to drive away Western influence from their country.

However, individuals have sponsored and continue to sponsor terrorist organizations around the world for business purposes. Individuals organise purchase and sale of weapons to these groups, and make good fortunes out the business.

As the world continues to fight against religious extremism and Terrorism, the problem of terrorist sponsorship remains undoubtedly the biggest challenge. Without anyone giving support to these insurgents, their operations will be contained easily.

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