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Country With David's Sling In Its Military

Israel has its name repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. Some say it has God's favor. Others say it is His favorite Nation, while military enthusiasts like me focus on its armory and defense preparation. In that regard, we look at David's sling as a weapon of mass destruction used by the Israeli army. The sling used to kill Goliath was small and rudimental. The Philippines never thought it would bring down their war god, but guess what; one swing and Goliath was dead. This Middle East nation has applied the same philosophy in developing their next-generation missiles. They are small but can destroy anything in their way, thanks to the titanium warhead tolerating immense heat during the hypersonic cruise. Raytheon, a US defense contractor, jointly developed David's sling with Israel's military company (Raphael Advanced Defense Systems).

The sling comes in different types, with 50 and 350 km ranges as the prime variants. With solid fuel as the main propellant, the sling can rapidly intercept ballistic missiles, warplanes, drones and sink enemy ships. The sling entered service in Israel's military in 2017 and is there to stay. We know that David's sling cruises at hypersonic velocity. However, the actual speed is a top government secret. This combat platform integrates targeting and navigation systems like dual electro-optical infrared imaging seeker and AESA mm military 3D radar for efficiency enhancement and lethality. That's all. Let me know your thoughts on David's sling in the comments below. Share, like, and show support by following this channel.

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