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2021 East African Military Ranking

If you emerged position one in school, teachers and parents would rejoice, praise you or gift you. The opposite is also true. But do you know the significance of ranking? Grading encourages the better to be the best, the good to be better, and so on. It never stopped; it is at workplaces, in families, and even in the military. To rank entities, you must consider several variables or conditions and their respective scores. In the same regard, global firepower analyzes militaries across the world and unbiasedly ranks them. It is from their list that I will extract the three best East African militaries for you. Let's get to it.

iii. Tanzania

The global firepower's list puts Tanzania at 23rd position in Africa, making it the third-best in EA. This position was arrived at after carefully looking at so many things. Among them were the number and types of aircraft in Tanzania People's Defense Force, total reserve and active personnel, their naval fleet e.t.c. You find that the country has ~110000 military personnel, of which ~30,000 are active, and ~80,000 are reserved. It got ten patrol vessels in the navy and 35 aircraft. Of the aircraft, 14 are outdated Chinese F-6 and F-7 fighters, 7 are helicopters, six are for transport, and eight are for training. Its army has 42 tanks and 100 armored vehicles.

ii. Uganda

Uganda takes the 14th position in Africa and 2nd position in the East region. It is so because ~57,000 personnel, where ~45,000 are active, ~10,000 are reserved, and ~2,000 are paramilitary. Its airforce manages 51 aircraft. Among them, 11 are relatively modern Russian fighters/interceptors, 26 are different helicopters (5 attack helos), two are for transport, and 12 are training planes. Note that Uganda is landlocked and has no naval unit. Its army has 242 tanks (10 are deadly Russian T-90s). Uganda People's Defense Force boasts 1040 armored vehicles, 25 rockets, six self-propelled artilleries, and 35 towed artilleries. Now you see why it effortlessly took position two.

i. Kenya

I know this isn't surprising. Many Expected Kenya to be at the helm of East African Fire powers. So how did it pocket this coveted position? The country has ~29,000 military personnel, of which ~24,000 are active, while ~5000 are paramilitary. Kenya Airforce has 150 aircraft, where 17 are American fighters/interceptors, 89 helicopters (2 American attach helicopters), 21 are for transport, two are for special missions, and 23 are for training. The country's naval unit has seven patrol vessels, three missile boats, and one landing ship. Its army has 75 tanks, 550 armored vehicles from the US and Turkey, 30 self-propelled artilleries, and 25 towed artilleries. Kindly like, comment, share, and follow this channel to stay updated.

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