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Police Nab 2 Suspected Terrorists In Kinna-Isiolo, Guns And Ammo Recovered

With the rise in insecurity in the county, tension has increased and several businesses are closing down earlier than usual, impacting daily revenue inflow and therefore having a negative influence on the economy of the country. The cases have risen especially after the recent war between civilians and Maasai herd grazers, who chose to herd their cattle into other peoples shambas causing damage to agricultural produce.

With this insecurity spike in the country, the Kenya Police, under the DCI management, has increased its taskforce and their efforts to nab armed militia and terrorists has started bearing fruits. Today Morning, the police made an arrest on two armed militia terror suspects, who were in possession of four firearms and 203 rounds of ammunition. The terror suspects were in the middle of a raid in a house in Kinna town, located in Isiolo. The police had earlier received a tip-off, from one of the area's resident (identity concealed), a perfect picture of civilians and civil servants working to put an end to insecurity.

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