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What Happened To The CCTV In Kamiti Prison When The Three Major Terrorist Escape

Several phones that were purportedly used by three individuals who had escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison in unexplained circumstances have been recovered by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

In accordance with the claims, residents of Kitui have reported that the suspects interrogated them extensively in an attempt to determine their intended path to Somalia.

There are a number of prisons located around the United States. Many jails are well- protected, and there have been few reported instances of suspects escaping from custody.

Some criminals have recently managed to elude capture in police cells and even jails, according to reports. Some have been captured a second time and have revealed how they managed to elude capture the first time.

They were captured while attempting to cross into Somalia for unknown reasons, according to authorities, after successfully escaping from Kamiti maximum prison a few days ago.

According to the source, new information has come to light from the Kamiti jail in Uganda. According to a report released by NTV, detectives discovered that the three terrorists, Yusuf and his comrade, fled from the prison after the CCTV system was turned off. A result of this maneuver, the suspects were able to sneak out of the prison without being seen.

Following an inquiry, police determined that " all of the CCTV cameras at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison were dead on the day three terror convicts broke out, " according to the report.

The director of criminal investigations has been asked to initiate an investigation into what happened, or, more accurately, what is taking place in these holding cells, by Kenyans who expressed their worry and uneasiness following the occurrence.

This comes after the three were detained on their way to Garrisa in Kitui County, where they were supposed to be staying. These instances of jail break- ins should be reported, and those involved should be captured as soon as possible.

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