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How This Plane is Used to Refuel Other Planes While Still in The Air

One disadvantage with aircrafts is that unlike cars which can stop at a petrol station to refuel aircrafts cannot since there's no fuelling station in the air. However this might be a thing of the past thanks to the KC-135 Stratotanker. This aircraft is one of a kind since it is the first and only jet powered in-flight refueling aircraft. Its main function is to provide aerial refueling for the United States Air Force. 

This aircraft carries fuel within its six wings and four fuselage tanks. The fuel is pumped out through the extendable boom located at the back of the aircraft. Planes which need refuelling line up by following the rows of lights on the underside of the plane.

One crew member also known as the boom operator controls the boom, the operater flies the boom into the receiving aircraft's fuel receptacles.

The KC-135 is also capable of refueling two aircrafts at the same time.

Currently this aircraft is still being upgraded so as to expand its capabilities and improve reliability thus enabling it to meet future civil air traffic control needs.

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