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African Country With 500 Policemen And 500 Soldiers Only [PHOTOs]

Africa is considered to be a continent of surprises, Yes indeed it's true by the fact that there exists many secrets that are still yet to be discovered in this lovely and blessed continent; Our continent.

You've heard of the eight wonders of the world, That I'm sure, in fact most of these wonders are in Africa. Now, don't judge me wrongly for what am about to reveal to you, because you may think it is a joke or yet another wonder, anyway don't be too shock, just relax and learn history.

There is a country in Africa, at the Indian Ocean with a total population of of 869,601[courtesy of Worldometer] with a total area of 1,861Sq.KMs excluding the Mayotte Island and hence the fourth smallest country in Africa.

Comoros attained its independence in 1975 from France and to date the country, has the smallest standing Army ie. 500 Policemen and 500 Defence Forces. This is despite the help from Tanzania and France to train the country’s troops.

Since her independence, Comoros has suffered three decades of political instability marked by 19 successful and attempted coups in the country.

Now You know, but before you leave, Have a look at some of the Island country’s beautiful photos

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