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4 Powerful American Combat Systems Serving the KDF

The 2010 constitution of Kenya brought goodies like the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) anatomy. Many people don't know that Kenya's military structure is outlined in the constitution. Now you know. With such information, beware that the defense units are well resourced; they take a good junk of the country's budgetary allocation. The armed force's assets range from personnel to intelligence, and we shall concentrate on equipment, particularly American armaments serving the KDF.


M4A1 is a primary assault rifle for the US marine corps. It's a formidable firearm considering it has accessories like a grenade launcher, nightlight, red dot pointer, and precision sights. Its acquisition by the country enhanced KDF's already lethal reputation. It's a thirty caliber firearm weighing five kilograms when accessories and a loaded magazine are attached.


It's America's medium tactical military truck produced by Oshkosh. FMTVs have different configurations to meet discrete mission requirements. For instance, those in Kenya have a 6x6 drivetrain layout and a 10-ton cargo space. Acquisition of these trucks improved the military's personnel and freight transportation capacity. Humvee


The Legendary multi-purpose wheeled vehicles crossed oceans to Kenya in 2007. One hundred humvees serve different battalions within the KDF, contributing to mission successes. Models bought include ambulances, personnel carriers, and combat system platforms. These workhorses are charged by a turbocharged V8 diesel engine creating 200 horsepowers.


Defender is a military helicopter cleped MD 500. Troops in the US, South Korea, Kenya, and 14 other states use it for light attacks. KDF has a fleet of 45 defenders deployed to different locations, especially Somalia. Stinger missiles, torpedos, rockets, and anti-tank missiles are some of the weapons loaded on the MD 500. An Allison-250 turboshaft engine with 420 shaft horsepower is the defender's prime propulsion system. Like, comment, and follow this channel for more details.

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