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(Photos) US Ballistic Missile Submarine Arrives In Guam 4,747 KM From China.

The US operates a very large fleet of a nuclear powered and diesel electric submarines. The only other countries that come close to matching America's submarine might are China and Russia. Currently, these deadly submarines are located in the most strategic places critical to America's security interests.

One of the critical area to America's interest is the Asia Pacific region. America has been sending some of its advanced warships and submarines to the Asia Pacific thus hightening tensions with China. This is because China being a rising military and economic power views the region as its sphere of influence.

Recently, the US sent a ballistic missile submarine to the island of Guam located 4,747 Km from Chinese mainland. This is according to a social media post by Pacific Submarines that read, "Welcome to Guam, USS Nevada. The Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine's visit demonstrates our nuclear triad's capability and flexibility reinforcing America's commitment to regional security and stability."

The submarine USS Nevada is armed with Mk-48 torpedoes and 24 Trident II D-5 ballistic missiles.

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