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(Photos) Remnants Of An Israeli Spice Bomb That Was Previously Shot Down By Syria's Air Defenses

Close-up front view of a Spice-guided bomb. (Source: courtesy.)

Syria and Israel have been rivals for a very long time. The two countries have been involved in three wars. These wars occured in 1948, 1967 and 1973. Since the civil war in Syria broke out in 2011, Israel has launched numerous airstrikes in Syria however Israel has always refrained from publicly taking responsibility.

However, Israel leaders have publicly vowed they will do everything in their power to prevent Iran from using Syria as a base to launch future attacks on Israel.

An Israeli spice-guided bomb with Hebrew calligraphy. (Source: courtesy.)

Today, photos of the remnants of a downed Israeli spice missile appeared online. The photos were posted by military analyst Andrew Britani on his official twitter page. The photos were then followed by a statement that read, "Remnants of what appears to be an Israeli spice bomb downed by Syrian air defense forces over Lebanon during a previous raid on Syria."

The "SPICE" ("Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective") is an Israeli developed, GPS guided guidance kit for converting air-droppable unguided bombs into precision guided bombs. The spice-guided bombs were first manufactured in 2003 by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The primary user of spice-guided bombs include Israeki Air Force, Indian Air Force and the Greek Air Force.

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