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Are pistols good in combat?

A pistol is a side arm which basically means it can be used on a very close distance as a self defense.It has a shooting range of about 25-30 meters of accuracy depending on how skilled the soldier is.Additionally,the pistol has a certain degree of ceremony and utility among higher ranked commanders.In an ideal situation a commanding officer will carry a pistol as it takes less space while still being armed.This allows their hands to be free to be able to direct troops,use hand signals,engage in map reading and radio operations etc.More so,those officers are going to be high ranking officers and staff who work in the command post and direct operations.

Secondly,pistols are going to be issued to troops who are assumed not to easily engage the enemy confrontationally like medics,tank drivers,truck drivers and military pilots.

In urban operations,a side arm becomes abit more useful to the soldier,especially in tight confined areas.They can be used in going into tunnels which are small whereby a rifle would be less effective.And another benefit is that the pistol is good firearm for self defense at shooting targets at close range (between 0-25meters).

Downside of pistol in combat

1)Most soldiers are only effective with pistols at very short ranges,which can make them impractical in most combat encounters.It requires additional training to master and engage quickly and effectively.

2) pistols cartridges are typically less effective than rifles at incapacitating the enemy.They fire low powered ammunitions.

3)While pistols are more manuervarable, most modern soldiers have carbine which are more manuervarable even during close quarters battles. 

4) They are hard to aim accurately due to short sight radius.

5) Arming soldiers with pistols entails more cost not just interms of the guns themselves but also all the ammunition required to train soldiers and maintain proficiency.

Lastly,The mission drives the prioritization of the equipment,so it really just comes down to what task the soldier is expected to accomplish.And seeing whether the benefits of a sidearm outweighs the drawbacks to adding it to your equipment list before you can leave the base camp.Thank you.

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