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Developing : Russia Bans Airplanes Registered In UK From Landing, Crossing Its Airspace

Tensions remain high in Russia and its neighboring nations, as rumours of her closing her airspace to planes registered in the United Kingdom surfaced online.

Russia's Ministry of Defense Forces has ordered the closure of airspace to planes registered in the United Kingdom. The regulation states that no planes, whether for freight or passengers, will land, land, or simply cross over Russia's airfield.According to other sources, such planes registered in the UK that are discovered to be out of commission will be taken down by the airforce military, which is far more attentive.This incident occurs just hours after a Russian military jet bombed and destroyed a Ukrainian airfield. Several buildings were destroyed, and scores of people were killed in the incident.Russian President Vladimir Putin stayed resolute, blaming Ukraine for igniting the conflict. According to sources, the UK has been on the watch and has sent a terrifying warning to Russia on the ongoing battle. We would want to pray for peace between the two countries in order to reduce the loss of life.

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