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US remains the supper power on the competitive and incentive world

The threat from military advances of China and Russia threatens the US

However US risks loosing its long-kept title being the super power nation.

Even due to prompting Industrialization from its rivals, the country remains powerful and economically grown , with its GDP on the fair platform

The country has been seen preserving its most wanted secrets of power from the enemies

Still in memory how the country attacked Japan during World War II leaving the country to a total mess with millions of people dead

America drove bombs on the two main Japanese cities forcing them to surrender unconditionally.

The can strong air force by this nation has contributed much to the success of the US army.

Currently, the US is in competition to venture into nuclear technology and making fighter jets based on this deadliest technology.

The country's rivals have always been spotted on the same line including South Korea with different motive to attack their close competitors

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