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The Fighter Jet Used By One East African Country.

Uganda is the only country in East Africa with strong ties to the non-western Republic. Uganda and Russia maintain a proper bilateral relationship by regularly doing multibillion-dollar economic transactions involving military weapons.

It gained Russia's trust, allowing the former Soviet Union's headquarters to approve a request for SU-30 jet fighters in 2010. By 2012, Uganda had acquired all 10 planes, making it the first and only owner/operator in East Africa.

The Sukhoi SU-30 is a multirole aircraft capable of gathering intelligence, intercepting aerial bombers, dropping devastating bombs, and launching a range of missiles. Thanks to this aluminum bird, Uganda's air force became one of the region's most formidable aviation units. The jet's 17-ton mass is propelled at speeds of over 2,121 km/h at an altitude of 17.7 km above sea level by two strong turbofan engines.

The complex navigation and firing systems are managed by two pilots sitting in tandem, ensuring mission accomplishment 100 percent of the time. A 30 mm machine gun and many air-air, air-ground, and anti-ship missiles make up the plane's primary weaponry.

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