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Sad : M23 Rebels Forces Killed FDLR Rud Urunana Commander As He Was On The Duty Line

There has been a significant obstacle for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The soldiers of the DRC defeated the M23 rebels (March 23 Movement) in 2013.

But in November 2021, the fighters came together once more and resumed hostilities blaming the government for not carrying out the terms of the 2009 peace agreement.

In the eastern region of the DRC, particularly in Kivu Province the war has resulted in thousands of fatalities and millions of displaced people.

Robert Cyubahiro McKenna allegedly claimed on his official Twitter account that M23 in the Rutshuru district killed FDLR Rud Urunana Commander.

The FDLR Rud Urunana Commander is thought to have planned an attack in Kinigi a province of Rwanda, in October 2019 which left 8 people dead.

It will be crucial, in my opinion, if the Congolese decide to maintain peace in their nation. Recall that a nation can only develop through peace.

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