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Additional Medical Tests KDF Airforce Recruits Undergo at Moi Airbase

Moi Airbase is located in Eastleigh area in Nairobi where it serves as a strategic military facility for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). The barracks houses top airmen drawn from the air force and whose main task is to protect Kenyan airspace.

Important military planes that aid in the support missions are stationed at the barracks which also has engineering facilities for repairing and maintaining the aircrafts.

However, Moi Airbase barracks also has medical facilities that normally conducts additional tests for air force recruits. After basic medical tests that normally take place at Lanet barracks, a section of recruits who have qualified to join the air force are normally taken to Nairobi for additional tests.

At the air base, the medical specialists checks their visual acquity and the general heath of their eyes, cardiovascular system, blood for any disease, and mouth for any cavities r problems.

Since many of these recruits are later expected to train as pilots, the KDF performs these tests to filter out the fit from the unfit eventually qualifying a few who manage to join.

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