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Five Strict Reasons Why Military Soldiers Are Never Treated in Civilians Hospitals

In Kenya, the Military is well known for its strictness and privacy. Among the rules and regulations set is that an officer in times of ailment or when injured should seek for medical intervention in the nearest Military Memorial Hospital.

Even in times of emergencies, the Military must always seek for evacuation immediately and taken to the military hospitals.

In today’s article we will highlight few reasons why Soldiers are not allowed to seek for medical help in normal civilian’s hospital.

Health Risks and Trauma Level

The Military have different health risks and levels of trauma and their treatment is different from that of civilians. Having gone through battle fields and experiencing war may have a very different trauma that can only be handled and treated by Military doctors hence why Memorial hospitals exist.

Privacy and Cover

Military Hospitals provide cover for the injured soldiers especially during attacks. The enemy may be able to access a civilian hospital and examine the severity of the injuries and also know the mortality rate by a simple head count in wards. This information may help the enemy in planning the next attack. However, in Military hospitals, such information cannot leave the wards.

Severity of Injuries

Soldiers suffer from battle field injuries that are extremely different from ordinary injuries. All Military Memorial hospitals are equipped with state of the art facilities and doctors who are only trained in dealing with such injuries. Injuries such as bullet wounds, grenade injuries require specialists that can only be found in the memorial hospitals.


Soldiers injured require protection from the enemy. Admitting a soldier in a private hospital is in itself endangering the life of the officer as the enemy may track the officer down and kill him. However, in Military hospitals, the officer’s safety is guaranteed.

Health Covers and Cost

The Military has its own health insurance cover purposely directed to battle field injuries and illnesses. The cost of treating a soldier is highly expensive as some may require specialized treatments which is not cheap on private hospitals.

However, despite the above reasons, soldiers are not entirely banned from accessing private hospitals, the degree of injuries and illnesses play a big role.

In extreme emergencies, a soldier is allowed to have a first aid in any nearby hospital before being referred to a memorial hospital. While on a normal hospital, the ward is extremely guarded and only few are allowed to attend to the soldier.

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