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The Reason Why Osama Bin Laden's Body Was Thrown Into The Sea And Not Burried On Land

The death of a former world-famous terrorist under the leadership of then-President Barack Obama in 2011 brought the whole world to a halt. Many people couldn't believe that the US government had actually been able to apprehend the killer who had killed millions of people all over the world.

The Al Qaeda leader was ambushed by Seal Team Six, a special unit of the United States Special Forces. The news was initially unbelievable, but as time passed, many people began to believe that the man had been killed by a bullet.

The mission was completed quickly, and the man was brought down and his burial was scheduled immediately. It seemed that there was no struggle in burying his corpse, and that all of the necessary arrangements had been made.

According to reports, his body was buried in the sea. Many people will interpret this as his body being plunged into the water. I'm not sure what the difference is between being buried in the sea and having your body buried in the sea. The gap may be razor-thin.

The act is unique in the sense that bodies are normally buried on land in graves. So, in this essay, I'll look at why the US Navy felt compelled to bury his body in the sea. Another thing you probably aren't aware of is how quickly they completed it, in less than 24 hours.

According to sources, burying Osama Bin Laden on land may have resulted in his grave being a source of dispute for those who would have liked to own the body in some way.

According to one US official, it would have been difficult for any country to recognize the remains of someone with such a strong criminal record when it came to mass killings, so the US agreed to bury the body at sea.

Apart from that, there was concern that Osama Bin Laden's grave would be converted into an Islamist shrine, despite the fact that the Islamic faith forbids it. Since he was so well-liked, there was concern that this would continue long after he died.

Burying a person in the sea is not very normal, whether in the Islamic religion or some other religion, but it is allowed in the Islamic religion in certain conditions, such as when the body is in danger of being exhumed, or when a person dies on a ship voyage and it will take time for them to reach land for burial.

According to accounts, the body was disposed of in accordance with Islamic codes. Many people believed he was buried in the sea because he wasn't the true Bin Laden, but DNA tests proved otherwise.

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