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Israeli Deadly Defense, How The Iron Dome Intercepts Missiles Amid The Escalating Tension.(Photos)

Image of the Iron Dome.

From the viral videos shared online. Streaks of light and fire are seen In the sky. One may think maybe it's the fireworks display. However, these are parts of rockets and airstrikes attacks amid the latest escalation of tension between Israel and Palestine.

In a bid to protect its citizens from missile attacks. Israel has an incredible war machine. on today's article you will find out more about it.

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As misses continue to be fired, you will wonder why are real hasfewers casualties and minimum damage.

Here is the secret. Israel has an incredible war machine known as the Iron Dome. It operates under the iron defense system.

See what happens, Whenever an enemy launches or fires a rocket. The iron dome detects instantly. It tracks the path of the missile. As the team of soldiers operating the machine in the operation room watch.

They now release a missile of their own. Which collides with a big flash and bang with the enemy's missile.

The interception occurs high above sea level. This ensures the protection of the citizens on land.

The iron dome operates day and night, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

The iron some is highly advanced, in that it attacks enemy missiles both on short and long-range sent missions.

It is extremely mobile. Hence can be moved to any place.This makes it a perfect war weapon for Israel.

What an incredible technology.

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