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4 Reasons Why Military Soldiers Wear Long-Sleeved Shirts

Wearing uniforms in the army is always mandatory. Soldiers always wear different uniforms depending on the branch they are serving. The dressing code is one of the most important things in the military that has to be followed by all the soldiers. This ensures that they portray a presentable and professional look while representing the military organizations.

Military uniforms have changed over the year in terms of colors, style, and other various elements have been added or removed from the uniform. However, there is only one element that has not changed, and that is, uniform with Long sleeves.

Today, am going to highlight four reasons why military officers always wear long-sleeved shirts. These shirts have a lot of advantages to the soldiers and are always useful. Check out the four reasons why soldiers prefer wearing long-sleeved shirts instead of short-sleeved shirts.

1. Makes the soldier use less drinking water, the more skin you have exposed to the sun the faster the evaporation occurs. A soldier without water and wearing long sleeves will survive roughly 25% longer than one wearing short sleeves. In other terms, they prefer these shirts because they cover larger parts of the body.

2. With regards to camouflage, long sleeves help in making the soldier more difficult to see. This depends on the type of terrain and the surrounding they are occupying.

3. It protects the soldier from burns due to explosions, biting, stinging flies like mosquitoes and during operations, and also rough terrain.

4. lastly, These sleeves help the soldiers to remain warm during the cold seasons. Or when they are on missions in colder places such as the arctic circle.

However, the soldiers can still tool the sleeves if they need to wear a short-sleeved shirt. Certain things have to be followed before rolling up the sleeves.The camouflage pattern has to remain exposed and it should be three inches above the elbow. Additionally, the cuff is done before wearing.

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